Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MDC presentations available

Anas asked me to make my Management Developers Conference presentations available, so here they are.

Web Service Management On Rails

In the first one, WS-Management On Rails, covers the beauty of accessing WS-Management and WS-CIM functionality through Ruby. The code follows the DMTF Technologies Diagram and consits of
  • rcim for the CIM Infrastructure layer
  • This implements the CIM metamodel of classes, properties and qualifiers.
  • mofgen to generate WS-CIM bindings
  • Mofgen is an extension to the Cimple MOF parser. It generates Openwsman client bindings for CIM classes from the class description contained within a MOF file.
  • rwscim for the CIM Schema class hierachy
  • This puts a wrapper around the bindings generated by mofgen, makes them available as a single Ruby module and ensures the correct class hierachy.
And here is a git repository containing a Rails application showing all this in action.

Web Service Management Application Enablement

Web Service Management Application Enablement is about using WS-Management as a transport layer for remote application access. Instead of implementing a separate daemon, protocol and data model, riding the WS-Management horse gives all of this almost for free. And its more secure. The dynamic plugin model provided on the Openwsman server side makes this particularly easy. The presentation shows how to plan and implement such a plugin and gives two examples. openwsman-yast for a simple, RPC-type approach and openwsman-hal which follows the WS-Management resource model.

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