Thursday, March 12, 2009

Satsolver bindings documentation available

One of the outstanding features of openSUSE is the Sat solver for package dependency resolution.

Somewhat unknown to most developers, Satsolver provides bindings for the three major scripting languages: Perl, Python and Ruby. The bindings provide an easy way to learn about the Satsolver API, to explore package metadata and play what-if scenarios installing, updating and deleting packages.

The bindings are created using SWIG together with an application layer on top of the raw libsatsolver. The focus is on usability and support of the scripting language, while hiding internals of the Satsolver implementation.

The bindings documentation are hosted at for now. I hope to find a permanent place at in the future.

The documentation is created using rdoc with a SWIG specific parser. rdoc comes with Ruby, just install the ruby package for the rdoc framework. The swig parser is currently hosted inside the Satsolver git repo.

Although based on a Ruby specific tool, the use of SWIG ensures portability across languages. Example uses of the bindings are available for Perl, Python and Ruby If you need Satsolver bindings for other languages, drop the ZYpp developers a mail.


B E A R 4 5 4 said...

The documentation URL mentioned isn't valid anymore... where did the docs finally land?

kkaempf said...

I just fixed the link. It follows the official package name (satsolver-bindings-ruby) now.

Anonymous said...

When someone would need to use it? If I want to add the featureset shouldn't I use PackageKit... perhaps libzypp if the app is openSUSE-specific?